The Bucket Plan

Have You Ever Heard of the Bucket Plan?

The old way to plan for retirement was to keep a little
bucket of money in the bank and a big bucket of money in savings and investments for the future. But as we all know, the market goes up and down.

If you’re pulling money out of your big bucket of money for income when the market is down, you essentially have to cash in a larger piece of your portfolio to get the amount of money you need.

Ultimately, this creates one of the biggest concerns facing
retirees today, running out of money.

Enter the bucket plan. The bucket plan is a three bucket approach to structuring your assets to provide reliable income throughout retirement. This includes Now, Soon and Later Buckets. 

The Three Buckets

Now Bucket

Provides safe and liquid money. This includes money for your emergency fund and large planned expenses for the first few years of retirement, like a car or a new roof on the house.

Soon Bucket

This is your conservative investments and income money, this money you may need sooner rather than later, and it can be used as a plan to income source for the first phase of retirement.

Later Bucket

This is your long term growth and legacy planning money. There’s more growth opportunity than in buckets one and two because it’s invested for the long term. You have bought a time horizon with the now and soon buckets and may be willing to take on more volatility.

Are you re make your money go the distance?  Let’s put a plan in place for the different phases of your retirement

Your customized Bucket Plan that incorporates all information gathered into a workable investment plan that will be updated each year.
Here is how it works:

  • Schedule an initial call to discuss what the Bucket Plan can do for you;
  • Schedule the Bucket Plan planning sessions – two sessions to gather information;
  • Schedule the final session to review the Bucket Plan.

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